breathe email account

I have been using eM Client for about 6 months and have recently hit problems with my breathe email account. A few weeks ago it stopped sending out my emails. I have gone through the procedure for fixing  smtp and have had a computer engineer on the job as well as protracted correspondance with breathe, which has not got me anywhere. They are convinced that their settings are correct and that there is no problem with their server. I note that other people have had similar problems but not with a breathe email. I also receive emails very slowly and have had to turn off the virus part that deals with emails to get them to function properly. Any idea?

I understand your problem. May I say that I had this problem many times when I was with TalkTalk
(10 year period) Very slow (could receive BUT NOT SEND emails.I also paid a fortune in seeking
John Lewis & Know How (Currys) help & solutions eventully found.
I wonder if it is a Microsoft operating problem (was using Windows live mail @ time.  L Simpson