Brand new vanilla installation. I have 8 email accounts but see only 6

Brand new vanilla installation. Installation imported my accounts from Outlook - I haven’t changed anything.

I have 8 email accounts but see only 6 on the Mail tab. All accounts pass diagnostic tests - checked passwords etc. Technically there does not seem to be a problem but the remaining 2 accounts just refuse to show up on the tab.

Is this a limitation of the 14 day trial period?

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Hello Icy,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. No, there are no limitations on the number of accounts that you can set up in the trial/Pro version. Could we ask if any of your accounts are set up as POP3? If they are, they could be in the Local folders which might not be displayed, to make sure they are please go to Menu ->Tools -> Settings - General - General - “Show Local folders”.
If they’re not in the Local Folders, can we please ask about the details of these two accounts, such as who is the provider and how they are setup? Are you using the 7.0.27943.0 version? (Menu -> Help -> About)

Thank you,

Hello Maurice,

They are IMAP - both accounts are hosted on GoDaddy. I didn’t do anything, EM Client grabbed the settings automatically and the settings seem to be correct.

Local folders are visible and I am using the latest production release, yes.

Let me dig a bit more around the account settings and details from GoDaddy side then - knowing that there are no limitations is very helpful, thank you.

Found the reason. It’s on GoDaddy side. They advertise the account as IMAP compatible (authenticates) but IMAP is actually not supported for these free accounts. I deleted and recreated the account as POP3 and it works like a charm. Issues are resolved!

Hello Icy,

Thank you for the update, we’re glad to hear the issue has been resolved.