Brand New User - 2 MSN/Hotmail Questions

Just switched to eM Client after being a Postbox user for many years. I set up my .msn email account and it synched up fine. But now I have two related questions.

  1. It looks like the inbox is still on the server, is that right? When I look at the left column, I see Smart Folders at the top (which I presume is on my desktop) and then below it I see my MSN email account with the inbox and all the sub folders - and that seems to be looking at the MSN server as I was looking at an email that just had a header and the body said that it had not been downloaded. Is this correct?

Now on to related #2.

On my old set up on Postbox, I created some subfolders on my machine, not on the MSN server, and set up rules based on sender/subject to place into the subfolders. (I did not want to do that on the MSN server as if I did, they would not download to my phone). The subfolders and rules are working, but it looks like eM Client is reaching back to the MSN server and moving them there too. Am I right or am I crazy. Because I am no longer seeing the emails managed by the rules showing up on my iPhone.

Thanks for any help on this.

Hello Stuart,
Microsoft mail accounts can be set up with different mail protocols - POP, IMAP, Exchange Web Services.
POP is an old-fashioned protocol which download your messages to your computer and deletes them on your server.
IMAP and EWS keep your messages synchronized between the server and your computer (and other devices).
Smart folders are simply a search folders which put basic folders together for your accounts, the messages are still located in the same place, the Smart folders just give you the option to view them together.

Same with the rules - since the data on your server and in eM Client are synchronized, any change you make in eM Client will save back to the server.
Sounds like your iPhone is set up as POP and that is why it does not have all the data.
I would suggest changing your phone setup so you can keep your data synchronized across all devices.