Boolean search

Is it possible to use the boolean expression “NOT” as a search within a query e.g. “from:NOT”? If not, when will it be possible.

Unfortunately, this is still not possible. It should be included in one of the Version 6 updates.

I’m in version 7.0.26687.0 and trying to use ‘NOT’ for an advanced search and it still doesn’t appear to respect this, or the Google-esque ‘-’ symbol. Any update on when this will be supported?

Hello Kevin,
this feature has not been implemented yet and is currently back under consideration.


add me to the users that would love to see this functionality in eM Client.

There of plenty of mail clients. But there are not plenty of mail clients with sophisticated search features, to help you find that email from seven months ago, say, where a particular sender mentioned a particular subject either in the body of the email or in the subject line.  Improving the search interface and sophistication will set you apart even further from the rest of the pack.

Hi Olivia, just wanted to add another request for exclusion criteria when searching.  This is the main thing holding me back from transitioning to em client.  

Thank you,