Bogus Invitations

Every now and then I find an Invitation in the right nav bar. When I look at the scheduled event I confirm that I was not invited to the event. If I click the decline button I get a message telling me that my participation status has been updated, To exit this message I have to select Send and Update or Don’t sent update. As I do not want to alarm any one on my team, I select Don’t send update. At the point the invitation goes away and withing a second or two comes back. Eventually once the date of the event passes, the Invitation goes away.


this is weird they should not bother you after clicking on that button no more.

please send me .ics that causes exported in two files, 1st before click and 2nd after that click (right click on event and export).

mail it as attachment to together with this topic’s URL:…

plus tell me what calendar service do you use.