Body of email does not load

Recently, em client has not been loading my emails (Exchange Services).  The subject title shows, but it is taking forever loading the body of the email (sometimes doesnt even load).  The loading dots just keep going across.

I tried re-installing and doesnt work. Client doesnt freeze at all, as i stated above, the loading dots just keep going and going…

Running version: 7.1.30794.0
Free License is activated.


I am still living with this issue for months now with no change in status from the developers.  Not even an acknowledgement that they recognize it and are doing something about it.  And I am a paid user which you would think would get more focus on the matter…

I’ve seen this, too. In the account settings there is an option to download the messages for offline use. They don’t do anything for me, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

unfortunately, this email is running exchange servers…but i have one account with Gmail and it does nothing for that one.