Body if emails all blank or missing

Hi Support and Forum Users…

I have just noticed today while using HP WOLF security that the emails are now slowly disappearing from my client. I have over 10 years of emails. All older emails are starting to have contents blank and missing. My own emails with attachments are all slowly being cleared of their body. I can see the heading clearly … all info. but no contents. I have also recently upgraded to Latest Version. Can you assist if their a utility within em to rebuild the data. Can I restore from backup before upgrade ??

There are a few ways to restore / fix a database in eM Client.

Are all your emails still showing online in webmail ok ?

Also do you have a POP, IMAP, Exchange, Office 364 or iCloud account?

1>>>. EMAIL IS POP so very email get dowloaded local and WEB will not have 10 years of emails.
2>>> The email.bak file in the emclient location looks like its 17GB… so they must bet their but not linking ?
3>>>. If I run the MS restore point before upgrades and installation will this resolve the problem ??
4>>> Is their a restore or rebuild option for data file ??
5>>> I would assume that like Windows their would be some kind of snapshot recovery ?? is this possible ??

Thanks in Advance to All :slight_smile:

Ok If you have been doing regular eM Client backups within the program either manually or automatically, you can restore a recent dated database and all settings etc via “Menu / File / Restore” (Windows) or “File / Restore” (Mac).

If you don’t have a recent eM Client backup, you can try manually repairing the database.

To repair eM Client for Windows close eM Client and then run the following command “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe” /dbrepair