Blocking spam with rules not working

I am being inundated with spam relating to my business or my website, neither of which I possess. I open the emial, right click and select “create rule from message”, then “always move message with subject” which I then send to trash. I continue to receive emails in my inbox with the same subject. Am I doing something wrong? This is getting so bad that I may have to find another email client. I see this problem has been posted before but I don’t see any solutions.

Can you post the rule and what the subject looks like in the email?

How do I post the rule? I went into manage rules but I see no way to post it.

Open the rule, as if to edit, take a screenshot.

It will only allow me to paste one image at a time so here is rule. I will post the email next.

Screenshot 2022-10-15 233452

Here is one of the emails. I have many examples of rules not working. They happen daily.

First remove the corresponding rule from MENU > RULES list of rules That you created with the “create rule from message”.
Create a new rule that looks like this


Place that new rule at the TOP of the list of rules.

If this works, then you can edit the rule and add other subjects you are receiving that you want trashed.

Thanks for that. I have deleted all rules as they are not working, and your suggestion is on it’s own. Not sure what the difference is apart from “stop processing other other rules”.
I notice that by default there are 2 rules, Spam Filter and Blacklist. Should I leave these as they were obviously included by emclient?

I use rules heavily, to the tune of about 100 of them.
I use the blacklist a lot to deal with Spam (manually Blacklist domains, emails, etc.). The other, Spam Filter, I removed.

That “stop processing” prevents the email from being processed by any other rule you may have set up.

I still don’t understand why the rule you told me to create is the same as the rule you told me to delete.

It is not the same…

Added the “Stop Processing…”

Did it work or have you not received any SPAM email?

That was the only difference which I didn’t think would change anything with the way emails were processed. I shall wait and see what spam comes in. Every day I receive similar emails but there are probably around 20 or more different headers. That is why I deleted all rules so I can setup new ones based on your example. It will probably take a few days to see if any repeated emails get through. Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted.