Blocked Content

How do turn off blocked content feature? I want my email to show all without me having to click to show content.

I want my email to show all without me having to click to show content but am unable to find the responses - could some please tell me how where to go?

I have the same question as Andrew. Anyone have the answer???

Add sender to contacts; tools/settings/read/display unsafe content from people in contacts list. ?? any help ??

if you want to turn off the blocked content feature completely, you should wait for the next version (3.0) where an option “Display unsafe content in all messages” to prevent security warnings is implemented.
Not blocking content only for your contacts is available in the current version as mentioned by previous comment here.

I’ve added the contacts to my contact list and three days later I’m still having to click the “un-block” button for those very same contacts that were added to the contact list.

Yes Ken, but are you using EM Client 3? You need to turn off blocking under ‘tools, settings, read’ and check appropriate button.

How can I block a particular sender?

You can set custom rule by menu Tools->Rules or in our currently distributed major version there is automatization of that - the button Move to Junk offers also blacklisting of email or domain which will create/manage that rule.

Hi Gabriel, you need to ban this Gina person, she’s spamming all over the place.

I dug around in Settings and found a way to list the places I no longer wished to hear from. They still arrive, but are immediately move to Trash.

Thanks for the answers previously provided, but are there just two settings at this point in time - on/off with no middle ground?

Actually, there are three options - go to Tools - Settings - Mail - Privacy to see more.

I just downloaded eM Client V 5.0 and can’t find a way to global unblock so I can view graphics in email. I don’t see the option under read

Open the menu Tools - Settings - Mail - Privacy and choose the option “Display unsafe content in all messages”

In other email clients, there is the option to Always allow images from this sender. I do NOT want to list all my regular newsletters as contacts. And I don’t want to just be completely unprotected and unblock everyone.

Guess I go back to Windows Live Mail.


whitelist not for contacts only will be implemented in next major release.


Thank you for your update! Do you have any projected time frame on when the next major release will be available?


Yes, it should be out in next few weeks. Unfortunately exact time is still not set.


What’s the current state of functionality for Blocked Content?

I just installed em Client 6.0.19861.0 and in privacy selected “Block unsafe content except when from whitelisted senders.” I added a new account. The whitelist shows as empty. Certain e-mails(e.g. from Twitter) are downloading the remote content and displaying. Why?