Blacklisting doesn't work

This question has been raised in the past on this forum, but the answers have always been about un-blacklisting. I blacklist emails & domains & the next day have to do the same ones again…and again…how do you make blacklist stick?

Blacklisting does work.

If the senders change their address from day to day, then it may appear that it does not work.

Well, whitelisting certainly doesn’t so I would not be surprised to hear that blacklisting doesn’t.

The only whitelisting in eM Client relates to linked message content. If it is not working for you Reg, please open a separate thread and post your question there. I am sure someone can assist you with that.

Blacklisting is a simple Rule. As the message arrives in the Inbox, if it matches the Rule, it will be affected. If it is not in the Inbox, or does not match the Rule, it will not be affected.

Please check that the address or domain in the Blacklist matches 100% with the address or domain in the message header.