Blacklist search

Hello, I have many email registered blacklisted. Sometimes I add some email that should not, but it is very difficult to find the email in the list of rules. Is it possible to do a search within the rules of the blacklist? Or edit the file manually blacklist?

Thank you!


No, search in black list or rules generally is not possible and we do not plan to implement it.

you need to remove email from blacklist manually in Tool - Rules - select blacklist and modify then delete email from it.

Editing files manually is not possible and if there would be way not suggested as it would break database.

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I have some rules with dozens of entries for exceptions. To duplicate these exceptions in another rule would be tedious using the eMail client user interface. Fortunately, there is a way to hand modify rules outside of eMail Client’s user interface if you are comfortable editing exported settings files that are xml formatted.

  1. Export all eMail client rules to a file using the File–>Export–>Export settings to .eml file function and selecting only the Rules checkbox in the Rules export function dialog box.

  2. Make a copy of that file adding something like “edited” to the name.

  3. Open that file with a plain text editor. Find the rule entry for Blacklists. You can then search, add (following the pattern of xml formats shown for each email entry), or delete individual entries. Just do not muck around with the xml tags unless you know what you are doing.

  4. Next within eMail client go to Rules and delete all rules shown. (If you do not delete all rules the next step will create duplicates of all named rules that you will have to delete anyway.) Close the Rules dialog after deleting all rules.

  5. Now Import the rules file you just edited and all your rules will be back, including the edited Blacklist rules.

If something goes wrong you can delete all newly imported rules and then just import the clean exported version that you initially created and set aside in step 1 above.

As a general backup policy, I create individual exports of all settings versus just using the a global export function of all settings. This way I have individual settings files that can be tweaked or imported for accounts, rules, settings, etc.