Birthdays again

Is there way to select all the birthdays of say, today like all birthdays on


I have lots of birthdays but they are of course all various years. I don’t care about the year just the day and month so I can select them all and send a nice email.


You can sort your contacts by birthday, then today’s will all be together. Select them and use Right-click > Send Message.

Of course that is not very personal as they are all recipients of a single message.

There is an option to do a Mass Mail

I’ve tried it out and it sends a personal email to each record.

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Absolutely correct John.

Gary, is there a way to attach notes to clients?


If you mean notes to contacts, then yes, it is in the Details tab.

Thanks, but what I meant was in em there is a separate Notes function. I was wondering if there was a way to attach each individual note to a particular client?

It would be nice to see a list of all notes and communication with a client.

No, the Notes do not have any way to connection to a contact. You can see a communication history in the right side-bar, but that is just for email (and attachments) to and from that contact.

Thanks Bro, I made a notes > clients > folder and I can store the client notes in that and just begin the note with their name.