Birthday reminder out of contact data - automatically

Is it possible to get an automatic reminder of birthdays from the data of the contacts? The birthdays are stored in the contact details. Can somebody help me?

Not directly.

If your contacts are stored on Google Contacts, then you can automatically include their birthdays in your Google Calendar. Adding that calendar to eM Client will give the reminders.


You will see I have that birthday calendar, but I don’t have it ticked. The reason for that is because I use the right side-bar Agenda to display upcoming event, tasks and birthdays. The Agenda side-bar automatically displays birthdays from your contacts.

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The birthdays aren’t shown in my Google calendar. Where to find?

It may be disabled in your Google Calendar.

Open and go to your settings.

If it looks like this, click on the eye icon to enable it.


When that is done, back in eM Client right-click on the Calendar folder (above Birthdays in my screenshot above) and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.