Birthday in calendar

A birthday in a contact is shown in the agenda but not in the calendar. Why?


Because this is how eM Client is designed and we have no plans to change this behaviour.

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I’m sorry but to me that was a down right common way for an a Official Rep to write an answer like that he could of put it in a better manner then to write what he did, Glad I dont have any say in this for if I had anything to do in the higher up of that company he would be fired in a second for speaking to any customer that way.

My two cents dont matter here but if your going to sync calander events birthdays should be included on the calander…

I do not understand what is wrong on my response that it will not be implemented.

I have not written it in rude way and it really will not be implemented, there is no use in promising features which we know already we do not want in eM Client.

So why should I be fired to writing my responses in good manner without false promises?


Your answer negates the value of the Idea. I am 100% sure that many users of your supreme E-Mail client would appreciate that feature and your answer implies you don’t care about that. That comes across rude although the language itself is okay.
My position: I’d LOVE to see birthdays displayed in Calender View and not only in the agenda.

I took notes from your reply, but I must still write that showing birthdays in calendar too is not planned.


I think (looking at other messages around this theme) that it’s better to listen to the customer than to stick to a plan once made by technicians. I’ve been there, I’ve seen that behavior, and it will kill the product reputation faster than you can build it up again. And honestly speaking: it can’t be such a big deal to show birthdays in calendars. Don’t forget your competitors already have it. I’m almost sorry I purchased 5 licences…

I also would love to see birthdays in calendars (but it should be adjustable by end users whether they still want to see birthdays of persons who have already died … sorry for mentioning this, by the way).

And I would really like to see reminders of birthdays, maybe starting from 1 week in advance and then be reminded every day till the real birthday.  Anyhow, there is a lot to think about how this could be implemented.