Bing translator keeps opening

As I am typing in eM mail window, the bing translator opens up apparently on it’s own. I say apparently because I think I am accidentally doing it on my new laptop with a much larger touch pad than my old one, but I cannot figure out what is prompting it. Doesn’t seem to happen in other software. I have searched to find out if there is a keyboard shortcut that I am accidentally doing, but couldn’t find anything. Any suggestions or ideas as to what is causing this?

Can you see in Bing Translator whether there is a ‘global’ working shortcut key to start Bing Translator?

I’ve searched but can’t find it. I don’t even have the bing translator app installed so I am kind of stumped. I’ll keep looking into it and try to diagnose what is bringing it up.

Hi, there’s a translator feature implemented in eM client, maybe you presse ctrl+t which could have started the translator. But it should not do this on it’s own.

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I think that’s it. That is giving me the same box I get when I am typing. I said it only appeared to be opening on its own but figured I was doing it somehow unintentionally. Thanks.

Is it possible to disable that short cut?

Hi again, if you go to Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts, you can change the shortcut so maybe you won’t be able to press it by accident… But it’s not possible to disable it completely.

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He, I did not know about this built-in translator, which you can open using [ctrl] + [t]!