bi-directional synchronisation between EM Client and Gmail

I’m having a problem with Gmail over-writing my restored EmClient database.
Can I set EMClient/Gmail to synchronise in both directions as a lot of my emails in the restored data aren’t on the gmail server and currently gmail over-writes the EmClient restored data.

I had the same problem. I have stopped using Em Client because of this two way synchronizing. I imported from a useless long term Thunderbird account and suddenly, after a lot of behind the scenes activity, found all my historical emails on the GMail servers. That is not what I wanted from an email client service.

What do you use now?

Clap, what I said on your other comment, using POP3 would be the solution for you. If you are accessing your email from just one place, POP3 enables you to store everything locally. If however you access email from more than one computer, IMAP is a better solution because the two or more email clients will all have the same emails.  But also when using IMAP, you can have all your historical email stored locally so that they are not synced with the server. Whatever your needs, I am sure it can be done, it is just a matter of how you setup eM Client.
But to second Mark’s question, what are you using now?

Clap, What are you using now?


Clap, What are you using now to get around the issue of bi-directional sync.

Mark, if you want bi-directional synchronization between eM Client and GMail, then you want to make sure that your account is setup using IMAP. This is the default setup used. IMAP basically means that the master list is stored on the server, and a local mirror is stored on each of your computers or devices.

If you already have emails stored on your computer (like from your restore) that are not on the server, you want to move them to a local folder first, just to be sure they are not deleted. Then once the account is setup in eM Client, you can move the local emails to the IMAP account.