BEYOND FRUSTRATED: How to update to v9?

I bought the licence upgrade today from 8 to 9 and installed v9. I’m on MAC
On launching 9 i get a message saying my licence was not valid past
In the Licences page of the Licence manager, the max allowed version is 8.
Yet on the activations page of the Licence manager shows i have set it to 9.

So I de-activated the licence, then re-activated it, and i have allocated v9 to this version in the Activations page, but i keep getting the same error above when i launch it.
I thought the v8 licence would upgrade automatically once i paid,

I tried installing the old v8, but i’m not sure it installed as i still get the same error.
Is there a detailed guide on how to do this for the MAC?

I did try re-installing version 8, but i got the same error, maybe i need to bin the old app first?
Bit nervous about doing that as i didnt do a backup, and i;ve got 5 accounts in there.

What a nightmare upgrade so far, using webmail for all my accounts till it gets sorted.

Screenshot of My Activation

Screen shot of my v8 licence, but i paid to upgrade it to v9 Pro and has not been applied.

Suggest to contact eM Client Pro support via a ticket for assistance for your Mac Pro upgrade.

eM Client VIP Pro support page)

Support replied to my ticket finally, and sent me the new Licence, so all ok now, SOLVED!

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