Beyond frustrated - can't authenticate with Exchange

Mac user that was using v7 with no issue. Received email about upgrading, paid, upgraded, and it has been nothing short of a complete disaster. Seriously eM Client, I’ve had to waste my entire evening into the late hours trying to determine if it’s something I’ve done - but it’s your terrible release.

In short, I use an Exchange account at Rackspace, and the account refuses to authenticate. This isn’t a user error - the account is working fine, not locked, and has the correct password on many devices. It’s simply eM Client v8 that doesn’t want to work like it should.

Trying to figure out a way to roll back to 7. If I can’t do so, I’m requesting a refund and moving on.

Installed v7 and learned my email database has been “upgraded,” so I pulled in a data backup to restore my email database. I’m going to lose a dozen emails, but I’ve lost too many hours to eM Client shipping a beta, at best.

Funny, right after downgrading, everything worked just fine.

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Got to say that share your frustration -I am so frustrated that I am about to do the same downgrade to v7 which worked fine. v8 does not seem very polished at all.

Now… to find out how to turn off the upgrade notifications when you want to stick with v7!

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