Beware of EM Client auto-save setting that causes gmail to tag your sent mail and replies as "trash"

Beware of the EM Client 7 setting “Automatically
save emails to drafts every X minutes”.  EM 7 has a default setting to save a draft of every email that you compose every 3 minutes.

Then, EM Client attempts to delete all the intermediate drafts when you finally click “Send”.

This intermittently causes a big problem in Gmail because Gmail tags entire conversation as “trash” when EM Client moves all the intermediate drafts to “trash”.  When the problem happens, gmail tags your sent email as “trash” and also any replies as “trash”.  The whole conversation moves to the “trash” folder instead of your “Sent” messages and “Inbox”.

The problem is worse when you take many minutes to write a long email and EM Client saves and then deletes many intermediate drafts.

To fix: In EM Client: Click on “Menu”, “Tools”, “Settings”, “Mail”, “Compose” and uncheck the setting to “Automatically save emails to drafts every X minutes”.

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thank you for bringing up this issue, are you able to replicate it even on the latest version of eM Client?
Let us know so we can investigate this issue further and see if we can work around it.