Better Move Capability

I routinely recommend and help customers with their email setup and issues. emClient is the #1 email client I recommend for those wanting that type of interface. I have never had a dissatified customer!

As a former Outlook client for years, I myself have migrated to emClient.  The only significant area I find wanting is moving emails to folders beyond drag & drop and Edit/Move action.  What I miss are the move capabilities and convenience similar to Outlook 2013.  I would like to see, for example, the move to folder built directly into the toolbar (optionally or otherwise) similar to the move to junk.  And, I really would like to see most recent used folders easily referenced in that tool bar move implementation. 

If you have lots of folder, drag and drop can be problematic and the current edit/move is just too many clicks. 

Please provide any future consideration for this request.  Keep up the great work!


Hi David, thank you for the suggestion, you could sort messages faster using shortcuts.
Use Ctrl + Shift + V to Move email to a later selected folder.

Hope this helps, we’ll consider adding a special button for this feature.