Better implementation of GMail archive function

I use Google Apps for my mailboxes and I’m considering switching from Outlook 2007 to eM Client (prompted in part by Google and Microsoft’s falling out over Google Calendar Sync). So far, I am very impressed.

One significant shortcoming though is the poor implementation of the Gmail ‘archive’ function (only available in Inbox, not other folders; and not linkable to the ‘Delete’ key).

This could be very simply remedied by implementing the standard IMAP ‘delete’ command rather than moving messages to the ‘Trash’ folder. Gmail interprets the IMAP ‘delete’ command as ‘remove all labels’, removing it from the Inbox and any other folders it is tagged for, but leaving it in the ‘All Mail’ folder.

The ‘Delete’ and ‘Archive’ commands should both be available for messages in all Gmail folders (not just the Inbox), in the tool bar and on the message context (right-click) menu.

There should be an option in a Gmail account’s IMAP settings whether the ‘Delete’ key is linked to the ‘Delete’ or ‘Archive’ command.

Hopefully this can be implemented easily and quickly! If so, I will not hesitate to purchase a licence.


Edward Leigh

Hi Edward, thank you for your suggestions, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.

Thank you,