Beta Version and Violation of license policy!?

I received a pop up saying 'This Beta version of eM Client was functional until 15/04/2022. Please update eM Client.

I updated it to version 9.0.1361

When I attempt to reactivate my account, I now get a pop up saying ‘This computer cannot be activated due to a violation of our policy. Please contact our sales department.’

I have used eM Client for probably over 2 years and not had any issues, can anyone help me?


Scott Porter

Your answer is in the message you received… contact support []

I agree the answer is in the message but the more important question you should ask is, how do EM Client know? Unless they are monitoring emails!

I don’t have a problem, you do, so concentrate on YOUR issue and find a resolution by contacting eMC sales and while you are at it, mention your concern.

eM Client do not monitor your emails.

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