Beta Tester Fried with Version 8.0

I’ve been testing the beta version for two months. I loaded the latest version today and it froze all my outgoing emails in the outbox. I was then told to get a license. When I tried it took me to a 404 not found error page. I am not convinced that they got all the bugs out of 8.0 before they released it.

I understand there were some issues today with licensing, and they were working to fix that.

If you upgrade to the full version 8 released today, that should run in evaluation mode for 30 days before you need to activate a license. It did that for me, but I activated my license anyway.

If you have a Pro License you will need to purchase a license upgrade for version 8. If you have a Free License, it may work, but otherwise you can register a new one at I just tested it and it is working.

I just tested version 8 with a Free License I previously registered for version 7. That works just fine so go to Menu > Help > License and click on Activate. Paste in your Free License key.

But you are correct, there seems to be an error in the Get License popup, and it is pointing to a page that no longer exists. You will find links to both Free and Pro License registration at