Beta forum?

Is there a section of the forum just for feedback etc about the current beta version?  Would make sense!

Hello Andrew,
if you are testing the BETA, you are supposed to report any issues to [email protected].


Well I already reported one issue and got a reply back saying it had been reported by others and you were working on it, so it sort of would have made sense to see that so I didn’t need to overload you with duplicate reports of a known issue?  Also, it could help those thinking about testing the beta be aware of issues (for instance I found the beta breaks the category label systems and after mentioning that on the general forum I found, again, it is known about, so if I had read about that I may not have decided to try the beta until that had been fixed!)

I agree with Andrew.

I just downloaded Beta 2 to try it out, and I am NOT impressed at all with the installation process.  In its current form, I will never upgrade to v7.

Since the days of DOS, I have specifically custom-installed all programs to a specific hierarchy, but the installation process for v7 Beta 2 does not give me this option.  As a result, Beta 2 did not bother to detect my v6 installation, and instead installed it to the default Windows location, and without importing any of my v6 settings.

Possibly this is by design, so as not to mess with installations of v6.  But for those wishing to install v7 over top of v6, we should at least be given the option.  Additionally, v7 should at least give the option to import the account & preferences settings from v6.

Another equally-big issue is, I have hundreds of aliases setup in my v6.  2 years ago, I had inquired about & requested the capability for such a simple thing as being able to sort my aliases alphabetically.  As it is now, in v6, my aliases are displayed in basically the order that I created them, and I need to waste time slowly scrolling through my huge list of aliases to find the one that I wish to use for a particular email I’m creating. emClient has not bothered to add this sort capability into v7, at least not in Beta 2.

Had I known, by previous posts and/or the capability to ask in a forum for Betas, I would possibly have discovered the above 2 limitations, and not bothered to try out v7.

As it stands now, I will not bother to upgrade to v7.


My reason for having so many aliases, incidentally, is not to hide my identity, but rather for anti-spam-purposes.  I’m not implying anything, but using this site as just an example, if I register on this website with an email address of[email protected] , and years later I start to get spam email addressed to [email protected] … well, I know then where the spammers got my email address from, and I can mark all incoming emails to that email address as spam :-).

Thanks for the info John…you just saved me a whole lot of time!