Beta expired, can't install

I have been running the beta eM Client v7.0.24859.1.  I run the free version of the program.  Came in this AM and launched and got a dialog that read “This beta version of eM Client was functional until May 5th, 2016.  Please update eM Client.  The application will now run in offline mode”.  So I download the latest version.  But it won’t let me install as it says I already have a newer version installed.  So is there a way to update the beta?  How can I get a working copy installed now that the beta has expired?

Never mind.  Found a link to the newest beta via your Facebook page.  Recommendation - have the beta prompt you with a LINK to the newest beta download in that dialog box that shows up when it goes into “offline” mode.  Or have the “Check for updates” menu choice find the new beta (it currently doesn’t).