Beta 8 - font color for new message changes to white (on white background)

I am running Beta 8.0.700.38759 and using a dark theme. When em is started and I begin a new message, the composition area background is white and the text color is black (which is good!).  If I save it as a draft, open an old message, then go back to the draft the text is WHITE which makes it impossible to read/type.

Same thing happens if I open a previously received/old mail and then try to create a new message (white background / white text).

I have no Mail Template set. I don’t find anything in the emtheme that could cause this; it seems to be something else flipping the text color (or not setting it to black correctly).

Never mind - this may be self-inflicted. In em7, I was using a modified dark theme that had 


I am not sure how that worked in 7 but in 8, it seemed to be causing the reported issue.

I changed MailForeground to #000000 and it seems to be all better.