Beta 8: Calendar - Tody on top

It would be nice, when the highlighted today-day is in the beginning of the calendar. At the moment it is at the end. You can see the past dates but not the coming dates.

I think this is a version 8 thing only.

I agree, this is annoying.  Do me a favor and report this to as will I.

I reported this to on the March, 19th. They replied that they will correct this in a future beta.

Thank you!!

I had this issue with version 7 and opened a support ticket for it back in 2017. Their response was that they had tested the reported behavior and that a fix will be made in the future.

The behavior was never fixed and is still the same even in the current version 8 beta.

This is, what Olivia Rust wrote on March 20th in reply to my remark. “thank you for your feedback.
I have sent your first point to our devs to fix, as I also believe that seeing today at the top + upcoming events would make more sense.”

Done. We will see…

… fixed in today’s new beta 8.0.2276.
Thank you

I just installed v 8.0.2276 and still having a problem. (Reboot after install)
I did submit the problem to Beta testing support via email.

Here is what I see.

It shows June not May. The beginning is not on the first row. 
Then when click on the "

The if you click on Contacts then to Calendar it goes back to the above image.
Same happens when you go from Mail to Calendar.

Windows 10 Pro v 2004 Build 19041.264

I had this same issue with V7 & V8, but today after installing V8.0.2289 seems the 1st & 2nd days of each month are now showing (at the top) of the calendar month when I click from (Mail to Calendar) in my eg: Gmail acct.

Also switching between various calendar months at the top now also appears the 1st & 2nd etc of each month are showing at the top of the Calendar. i;m currently on the 2nd June which now shows at the top.

Just installed v8.0.2305 and it looks like the calendar problem has been fix.
Will keep an eye on its behavior.
Hope it stays this way.


Just an update.
The calendar reverted back to original complaint.

V 8.2646.0

Not seeing that with 8.0.2646.

Every time I open eM Client, today is on the top row in the month view. Or even if I am browsing next month, and I go to Mail then come back to Calendar, it is again on the top row.

The upcoming version 8.1 will now include an option in the Calendar settings.

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I personally prefer (as currently does) to show the 1st of the month at the top of the calendar for each month (so i can see the whole month ahead) and just highlight the current day in the month.

But good to see as @Gary says the upcoming EMC V8.1 now also has support for peeps who want to see the “Current Date” at the top of the each calendar month too.