Beta 7, Contacts programme- request regarding changes done by you to

Sir, I am using Beta 7. Regarding changes made by you to the contacts programme, I request the following:

  1. Notes were earlier visible when the contact was opened, it has now been put in second page. It was more convenient in first page. There is risk of not seeing the notes as it has gone to the 2nd page.

  2. Earlier if I put the Given name & last name in the Given name column & left the last name empty, it would be saved properly. Now after saving it if I open the Full name, it puts part of the given name to the last name. Request you to prevent programme from doing so on its own.

Hello Saraf,
moving the Notes back is probably a feature request, not a problem, so I’ll mark it down for our developers to consider.

In the newest BETA we only have a Full name text field, so this issue should be resolved in the next BETA update.


Thanks Olivia for your prompt reply. I am a big fan of Em Client.

One more request: the move to button is not available once an email message in opened. So, one has to close the message and from the inbox use the move to button.

that is also a known issue that we will fix in the future updates.
Thank you for your feedback.


Thanks a lot Olivia. Your earlier contacts entry form was best & if possible, I would be grateful if you could revert back to it.

Alternately, as a feature request, you can allow the user to move the various fields of the form as per their own liking (i.e. ability to design the input form as per own liking).

Further, if the possibility of increasing the size of zoom could be provided (normally it comes with control + Plus button and the ability to save this as default level. This option could be seperately provided for the email and seperately for other views (One may require different zoom levels in different areas of em Client.

I hope I have not bothered you with too much feedback.

I marked down your ideas, but please mind that considering improvements and features can be a time consuming process and we look both into how many users would prefer this option and how our development feels the change would go with our program.
Thank you for your feedback and patience.