beta 7.0.24337.1 version, Won't go online anymore, says it out of date, but update says no updates available

I have version 7 beta 7.0.24337.1, and am running on a PC with Windows 10.

The software worked ok for a few days, but not when I start it it pops up the message that says:
(“This beta version of emClient was functional until March 5th, 2016. Please update eM Client. The application will now run in offline mode.”

So I download the setup.msi program from the website, assuming it is the updated version that will run. My choices are “repair” or “uninstall”. I choose repair. When I restart, i get the same message.

Should I uninstall and then reinstall? Will I lose my emails if i do that?

When I try using the “check for updates” from the menu, it says I have the “latest version.”


Any suggestions?


Try downloading the latest Beta version here:
As far as I know it should be v. 7.0.24927.0

Hey John,

Uninstall and reinstall the newest version as linked by Norman. You won’t lose any e-mails as the database is stored in a different location, there’s no need to worry.
Hope that helps.