Beta 10 - Quick Actions

How can I use “Quick Actions” to create a new e-mail that

  1. has a selection of recipients
  2. has a selection of BCC addresses
  3. has a predefined subject


I can create a new e-mail. When creating the e-mail action, no options are requested, so these have to be assigned subsequently. However, I am failing to assign further tasks.

A “new email” action seems largely pointless to me if it only opens a new email. emClient can already do this without Quick Actions …

Have you checked all the actions in the list of Quick Actions?
Please add actions like Add to address or Add Bcc address to your Quick Action.
It will do just what you need.


Sure. They are not added to the list.

You didn’t click on Add Address.

  1. Type the address.
  2. Click on Add Address.
  3. It appears in the list.




Thanks! It’s always the details…