Best way to upgrade to V8

Is there a best way to upgrade from V7 to V8. I have a “special” setup with V7, the data folder is not in the default folder but on D:\eMClient\ (D: has more space available). I also have a valid license for V7 and V8.
Do I simply install the new version over the previous one ? Anything to do to preserve the data & settings already on D:
Thanks !

Yes, installing version 8 will replace version 7, and it will also keep all your data and settings. But if your database is not visible after the upgrade, you can reselect it in Menu > Settings > Storage. Just point it back to the D: drive folder and then restart eM Client.

You can download the latest version from the Release History.

As a precaution, make a backup before the upgrade using Menu > Backup.

Thanks a lot ! I tried the new version on another PC for a relative and it looks great.