Best Email for Android Users

This email is the best one I have found to work between my Gmail calender and Android phone. There is none as easy to set up and sync between the 3, and it beats the sync hassles that Outlook has. I can put an appointment on my phone and when it syncs with Google, Google syncs with eM all on its own, I easily have the same appointments, contacts, and emails on all 3 locations. If you have an Android phone this email client on your computer is a must have.

Works great with my ipod as well. I especially like the new version 4 with gmail calender updates

I have problems with Sync2em but simply going through Google make synchronization with my droid phone a snap.

How do you sync with Google and then with I-phone?

Simply set your Gmail account in eM Client and in iPhone and everything should synchronize automatically.

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