Best eMail client!

Loving eM Client!
I was just given the V7 update to resolve the leap day issue going into Calendar month view. I have installed and tested and I no longer have Month view issues on v7. I also tried resetting system date to February 29, 2016 and browsing February in Month view without issue.

The fix was generated in 24 hours after reporting the issue. I have converted 7 systems in my home from using Thunderbird to using eM Client. No looking back!

Hi Eric,
thank you very much for your praise, we try our best to perfect our software and fix critical issues as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I had to remove the link from your post, as we’d prefer not having it public like this - the fix was needed, but since it has not been properly tested, it cannot be linked to on the forum yet.

If anyone needs the Leap day fix, please message me at and I’ll send you the needed installation file.