Being tossed into the Forums is VIP Support?

My first issue is that there is apparently NO Tech Support now from eM Client? We need to just struggle and thrash through digging through FAQ’s and Forum articles that may or may not be present, and those I post may or may not ever be answered? I have a premium paid license, and I need to TALK to someone!

THIS upset alone is enough for me to consider DUMPING eM Client which I have used for almost 15 years with early versions and moving back to all Microsoft 365. NO Support = NO Usage.

This is extremely poor product service. Far worse than I experienced before when I submitted a TICKET, which now does not seem to be an option.

Did eM Client save money and perhaps save the company by firing all their tech support staff?

What gives here???

eM Client does have Pro / Enterprise support. See paid support info below. Login at the top left of the below support page below and submit a ticket.

Enterprise Online
Support Center

When you purchase any PRO license, Upgrade or Lifetime upgrades, you receive a 1-year VIP Support subscription. With this subscription you get access to the online support center, where you can send in your issue reports or questions and a support engineer will be assigned to assist you.

When the subscription runs out, you can extend it here.

Also we maybe able to help you on the forum if you want to advise the problem you are having.

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Support has always been excellent for me here