Before Settling on eM Client

We provide support to 32 eMC customers. We are now looking for an alternative application to migrate just under half to and use for future recommendations as a Outlook alternative.

eMC works well in simple configurations. That scenario being simple home users with a gateway or modem with a separate router. Anything more than that makes it obvious that the program is in need of work.

Points to consider from 1st hand experience, client feedback, this forum, & VIP “support” interactions on behalf of our clients:

  • eM Client’s support is basement level mediocre. This includes their VIP support.
  1. There is the displayed habit of offloading the software’s failures unto other vendors when their (eMC’s) competition works flawlessly out of the proverbial box.
  2. Request for support is drawn out seemly with the goal of end users simply giving up on their inquiry out of frustration or jumping ship for immediate remedy at times.
  3. eMC customers are more responsive & effective problem solvers compared to the employees responding here.
  • The program is useless in environments that use more advanced configs. This includes advanced security configurations, network configs implementing (split) VPN access, etc.
  1. Again… eMC’s competition works flawlessly out of the proverbial box in these scenarios.
  2. eMC’s implementation of universal protocols that have been in places for years (decades in some cases) is abysmal in scenarios where competing software simply works.

Note… Competition is in reference to alternatives like Thunderbird, Mailbird, Postbox, Kiwi for Gmail, etc. Hell… even the proprietary MS Mail & Apple Mail wins over eMC in enterprise use.

Outlook isn’t competition in these scenarios because it is actively being avoided. It does work however.

So… buyer be aware.

Browse the forums. Observe trends. Be thorough in testing during the trial.

Imagine scenarios that have a possibility of being made real in your (or your customer’s) environment then test more.

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If you can give me the ticket number where this happened, I can investigate it for you.