Before I delete the eM CLient and share negative feedback everywhere, how do I get support for my initial set up?

Set up problems

@John Gomez

Hi, I’m answering this against my better judgement, because this kind of Topic/Post
never got anybody anywere.

You get support in this forum if you post a properly constructed question.
“Setup problems” won’t cut it…

Describe the problem ,Add screenshots to illustrate.

If that’s too much to ask - Yes, then take a hike…

Anyway, I’m interested, even in your negative opinion/feedback.
You can list them here…

What’s the problem?   No promise that I can answer it, but I have been using the program for years.  I love it.  Every time I start to stray away to something else, nothing works as good.   

Is it perfect?  No… nothing is.