Been 4+ days now....ANYBODY OUT THERE?

I am shouting. Cannot send emails. Error msg reads: “There is no account set-up. Please add some account first in order to send email”. Everything I can see indicates I already have an account, and yes, I’ve enabled the account. I’m also showing as a No Account in the “From” portion of new emails I cannot send…Would really like some help here. I’ve exhausted all I know to do. Am ready to give EMclient back if the cavalry doesn’t arrive soon.

Maybe this is a silly question, but have you also enabled SMTP in account settings? (Enabling the account on the “General” tabpage is not enough…)


Thanks for your reply. I’ve gone into Tools—Accounts, and don’t see where I’m given the chance to see if SMTP is enabled. So here’s a silly question back to you----how do I access where to enable SMTP? Thanks in advance! Jill.

Simply go to Tools > Accounts, then select the appropriate account in the left part of the newly opened window and on the right you should see several tabs. One of these tabs is labelled SMTP and at the bottom of the related tabpage there is a checkbox (“Enable Service”) which must be checked – see the attached screenshot below.

Now this is interesting…for my account, I only have tabs for General, IMAP, and Diagnostics. If I open the IMAP tab, the service is enabled at the bottom. If I open the Diagnostics tab, it only shows IMAP ?. If I hit diagnose, it puts a green checkmark next to IMAP, temporarily replacing the ? . Any ideas for how to get an SMTP Tab? In reading past questions and problems, it sounds like there have been LOTS of issues with SMTP…aarrgghh.

Hmm, that is interesting, but it also makes sense. It seems that in your account configuration you have not provided details related to an SMTP server (which – plainly speaking – is a server taking care or the ‘sending’ part of e-mail communication).

I would suggest you add another e-mail account and configure it manually. IMAP server settings (that is, incoming mail server settings) can be copied from the existing eM Client account – at least I suppose that you are able to receive mail. As for SMTP server settings (i.e., settings related to the outgoing mail server), you need to ask your e-mail provider about the necessary data (address, port, and security settings). Please note that some free mail providers do not maintain any SMTP server – then you need to ask your internet service provider (ISP) about that. In any case, all the major free mail providers – Gmail, Outlook (previously Hotmail), Yahoo Mail, etc. – have made their SMTP servers available to users.

Considering the actual procedure, go to Tools > Accounts > Add account > Mail > Other > fill in your e-mail address > Next > select IMAP and fill in server address and your username and password > Next > fill in outgoing (SMTP) mail server address and the related credentials if necessary, otherwise check ‘Server does not require login’ (I am not sure about the actual wording here, but there is only one check box there) > Next > now, the configuration will be tested and, if successful, you will be able to modify account details should you choose to do so.

After that, test whether sending and receiving mail via the new account works and if it does, you can safely delete the old account (it is an IMAP account which means that all messages are actually on the server, i.e., you will not loose anything).

THANK YOU! I’ve tried your instructions (I really appreciate the detail, as you can tell I’m not very techie—just retired and old!), and I did receive the emclient test message, which I never received before. (Have been able to receive emails, tho). And I’ve send a test message to a friend, so we’ll see. I’m hopeful though, as the “From” portion of the email to be sent actually gives our names, rather than “no account”. Sooooooo. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know. J.

Great news!!! I can send email !! I’m up and running smoothly. It’s so exciting. Couldn’t have done it without you vturek !!! I really appreciate all your help and patience. Truly!!! It’s just so good to be able to send email again. You did good. THANKS. Jill

I am happy to hear that everything is in order now.

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