BCC issues.

Can’t get my BCC to work. Only the “to” works. Using ver 6.0.21372.0

Can only BCC to one email. Multiple tests. I always BCC myself to ensure the mail went. That will not work as well.

Hi Kim, not completely sure what you’re referring to, I’m not having any issues while using the BCC option, you can add multiple addresses to the field, just make sure each address is separated, if you’re for example inserting the addresses from clipboard, eM Client may be unable to detect them immediately, each address has to be highlighted with a blue background before sending.

Like this:

Input like this for example, would not be able to send the message to the last two recipients:

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Thanks Paul,

My BCC emails are separated by a semi colon. There was a couple areas where there were 2 semicolons next to each other. Would that possibly be an issue? I may have not had them highlighted.

Also I still have an issue with sending the email “to” me and BCC ing “me” I do not get 2 emails?? Not sure if there is an issue there? Or is this normal?

Thanks !!


As I mentioned, each recipient must be highlighted, two semicolons may generate the issue for eM Client to not be able to auto-detect the recipients when pasting.

If you’re sending the message to yourself and also adding yourself to bcc, as it’s an identic message, your server may have deduplicated the incoming messages, most servers do this, it’s the same as if someone used your email twice when sending a message to you, you would still obtain a single message only.


Thanks Paul!!

I think I see what the issue is. Thanks for your help.



Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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