BCC issue

none of my BCC recipents are getting my emails.  Same happens when I send and BCC myself.  what could be wrong?

I just tested it and it worked fine for me.

Is it possible that a spam filter is grabbing them since the recipient is a BCC?

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I checked the spam box for the ones where i BCC’d myself and it’s empty.  i asked a couple fo the recipients who were in a larger gorup I sent to look and they saw nothing.

I’m getting the same problem, it won’t work with individual email addresses or distribution lists.

This is an issue Outlook servers.  As far as I know the only workaround is to use the Send as Mass Mail function


Thanks John. I’ve done some tests today and I can send Bcc using Outlook 2016 using the same email account?

Yes it is when you use a non Microsoft email client that the issue seems to arise.