BCC contacts not visible

Have a weird problem here.

I have added 287 contacts into my BCC field, but I don’t see them., only the last 10/15. The rest is invisible. Can anyone confirm this?

(Windows 7 Professional x86)

I found that when you select more then 10 contacts the behaviour appears.

Well… I have to rectify…

Now I mailed 18 contacts with the letter “D”, seems it works ok. Which means that, if I’d add a contact which doesn’t start with a “D” the feature fails.

And I’m correct… :cry:

Do you experience problem that text become “invisible” when you add many (say 200 and more) contacts to to, cc or bcc textbox? Is it the case?

Yes. But it not only with 200. Sometimes with 12. Seems when you add contacts starting with a different letter, this behavior occurs. If you want me to I can make a video and let you see what happens.

Yeah it would be helpful. I made a search for this problem and I found that on Windows Vista an 7, textboxes are able to show only 32k pixels, which is something like 5400 characters. In that situation text become invisible. It is a windows feature/bug, but this may occur with at least 200 email addresses. We plan to solve this with replacing with our own textbox controls because of these problems. Problem is discussed here> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20…

Ah like that. So it doesn’t have anything to do whether with what character it begins. It’s simply the amount of characters. Hope you guys can resolve this. You still want me to create a video?

Well if this really happens only for long texts (such as 5400 chars and more) and you got Vista or 7, I think video is not neccessary, we know about this issue.

I have Windows 7 and the amount of characters if way beyond the “restriction” of 5400 characters. So I have to help myself for now. Thanks for looking into this.