Basic safety feature missing - request

I’m in the process of moving all my Exchange and IMAP mail accounts to eM Client (using the beta 8 version). So far I have found eM Client to be the closest thing to just what I’ve been looking for to replace Outlook (for Exchange accounts) and Windows Live Mail (for IMAP and POP accounts).

However, there is one very basic feature in both Outlook and Live mail that I use constantly to evaluate the validity of links contained within questionable emails. That is the footer showing the actual link information (not just the text shown in the email body) when hovering over the link in the email body.

This to me isn’t just a nice to have feature, but instead a critical tool to help combat the spread of malware and other email scams. Emails can arrive claiming to be Amazon or eBay, or Google announcing my account has been locked and I should click on the link to provide important information to re-activate my account.

When using Outlook or Live Mail I can hover my mouse cursor over the link and the actual link information is displayed in the footer of the application. that way I can see if the link is actually going to where it says it’s going before clicking on it.

This critical item seems like it would be something very easy to implement in eM Client either in a footer, or as a hover popup item, or even having an option to show it in the right click pop up menu.

In any case I respectfully request the devs consider finding a way to provide users with an easy inline way to display this critical information.

Thanks for listening,

This is already there in eM Client. Hovering the mouse over a link in an email, the full link is displayed in the footer.


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Hmmm… I do see it now, on some messages, but not on others, notably one that I knew was a bogus message.

Thank you for pointing this out and I’ll have to see if I can determine why some links are not showing up.

-edit- OK I see what the issue was. The links weren’t showing up because the images and online content wasn’t downloaded yet, as eM Client was doing it’s job to protect the innocent.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction

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This stopped working in version 8 (8.0.3385 using imap)

When opening a mail in a separate windows (using double click) em client displays the full link in the footer. But mail preview in the main window (without double click) doesn’t always show the full link. Some links will show up in the footer - others don’t (in the same email).
Most prominent affected mails are notifications from paypal. Links in the top of the mail will show up - the ones on the bottom will now show.

Thanks, I got the sample email from you. I am getting the opposite of what you are seeing. :confounded:

I get the link only when external content is not enabled.

If external content is enabled, I do not see the link displayed in the footer.

In this case I do not see the link when external content is not loaded. Once I have loaded external content, I see the link in the footer.

Oops. Sorry. I made a mistake.

I just looked at the screenshots you sent me, and external content is not enabled. That means we get the same thing. :blush:

PS. Actually, it’s not consistent. After I enabled external content, when I later came back to the same message, the links display correctly in both the popup window, and the preview pane.

I see the same behavior in several affected mails (from amazon, paypal, …).

For me the behavior is consistent. Clicking “download external content” fixes the problem once. Next time I look at the same mail the problem is back…

Anyways, there seems to be some sort of bug about displaying html link targets in the preview pane. I guess only the developers can find the actual cause and fix it.