Basic Issues for a new User

I have just installed eM Client and have encountered a few problems which I hope you will be able to assist me with.
No. 1 Whenever I commence to operate your program ‘My User Account Control’ request my permission to do so. Whereas this is expected for other foreign websites and the like it should not activate with a program that has been installed everytime I go to use it. The reference on this window refers to eMClient s.r.o.
2 How do you effectively import a .csv file (that has been used for Outlook Express) into the ‘Contacts’ folder of eMClient. I have tried to achieve this on a number of occasions when it seems that everything other than what I require (the name of the Contact AND the e-mail address) is not displayed or one is and the other isn’t. I might add that I’ve used this facility a number of times before when its all been relative easy peezy. I’ve checked out a reference under your FAQ’s section but note that the solution is far from easy - apart of apparently having to annote the information supplies but also to do a ‘Save As’ on three different occasions, and besides it doesn’t seem that the main information required is there anyway.
3. And this is really basic! On the home page of eMClient is quite a lot of information but nothing mentioned as to how to ‘Compose’ an e-mail - the main point of it all. I can only find a reference for this under ‘File’. Surely there must be a more accessible way of achieving this. I look forward to being enlightened.
As stated I am only new to this program. It seems to have possibilities but like most issues there are always those little problems that need explaining. Kind regards - Bryan.


  1. I was unable to recreate this in my office, even on highest level UAC was not reporting that eM Client was starting up.

Do you have eM Client installed or just copied installation (just files)? Because UAC do this only for stand alone .exe files also do you have this issue with any other software?

  1. File - Import… - Import contacts from .csv file.

  2. Here is offline help in .pdf, but composing email is fairly easy on first sight, There is File - New - Mail, or on Toolbar New with mail icon next to it…