base 64 error

I get this error sporadically and not at all some days and continually other days. First, authentication fails… I will get the failure message. and most of the time if I click OK it will authenticate. However here is a very annoying problem with EM Client. If I am busily typing away in some document and authentication failure occurs, the failure message switches my cursor focus to the password field and if I don’t notice, I will over type my password. Then of course my password is wrong because I just retyped it. Please stop EM Client from doing that.

Then occasionally even if I click OK to cause it to re-try authentication, it will simply fail and then I get the second error message about the base 64 error.

When I run diagnostics on the POP3 and SMTP, it says all is OK.

Hi Joe,

When such an error occurs, can you please copy the error from the third tab “Log” of the Operations window that appears and send it to That might help us shed some light on this issue.

Thank you.