Badly operated backup - Help please!

guys, please help!
i used the export tool to send my emails to a directory in my network. then, i deleted the original account. afterwards, i added a second account to which i imported the data.
however, the export tool didn’t do the job and only exported badly writen data. so, the backup is useless. so, i excluded both the file in the directory and the file in emClient. now, it is where the problem begins:

IT KEEPS DOWNLOADING BACK THE FILES!!! i want to unscribe that file, delete it for good. and it comes creeping back and, therefore, my phone does not stop ringing as if i’m receiving new email, when in fact it is only the pc synching that old useless data.

can anyone help me please?

eM Client is automatically synchronizing with your Web Based email account (,, your ISP etc.)   Put your smart-phone to sleep, close your PC email client and log into the email account through a browser and delete unwanted data and folders.  Your smart phone and your computer will synchronize shortly after and all these frustrations will disappear.

People forget to log into their email accounts (online) and clean things up from time to time. Remember, you have to delete the contents of a folder first, then delete the folder.

Let us all know how it goes.