Bad VIP support - don't buy PRO

I purchased eM Client Pro including 1 year of VIP support. Although the client itself is good, the “VIP support” is the worst I’ve seen so far. Unresponsive, does not care about priority (high, urgent - doesn’t matter) and the occasional response I get once in two weeks is useless (asking me to use a feature that doesn’t exist). If I were you, I’d stay away from Pro version.

Since the VIP support for which I paid is not solving my problem, I turn to the community. My issue is that the contents of all messages earlier than mid December 2020 is blank, so a I cannot check my e-mail via eM Client! This happened after the client froze and crashed. Then upon next start it could not validate the database. My disk may have been full, but it isn’t now, however, the client does not re-generate the database. How can I re-generate the eM client database without having to re-import my account? The “repair” functionality that the “VIP support” is referring to does not exist in version 8.1.979 which I have. I do see all messages in another client, so those aren’t gone. Thanks in advance!

Are you sure that was with eM Client, because they don’t offer 1 year support packages. You get lifetime support for the version, or for all versions depending on the license type.

The repair option is there for all IMAP accounts. Find the folder in which the missing messages should appear. Right-click on that folder and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead.

But with IMAP accounts, and depending on the level of database corruption, it may just be easier to remove the account from eM Client and then add it again. Then whatever you see in the other email client will be in eM Client as well.

Before removing accounts, always make a backup using Menu > Backup.

Hi Gary,

Yes, their pricing page says “1 year of VIP support”, see screenshot:

The support staff literally told me to look for the “main inbox folder underneath the account”, so I selected my Inbox folder underneath the account and I did not find the Repair tab.

They did not mention that helpful hint that you said:

Clicking on All Mail folder -> Properties does show the repair tab. And repairing did fix the issue, thanks Gary for the help!

I wonder why I did not get this info from “VIP support” for nearly a month in this ticket, but I got it from the community (free support) in about an hour.

So in conclusion, the title of my topic remains correct.


I am very sorry to see that our support failed to meet the high standards we initially defined. Could you email me directly at and send me your ticket number so we can review its details and improve our processes?
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you, Wilson. I just sent you this information by e-mail.

Strange that I had never noticed that. Sorry for the mistake.

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i have problem like you, this software froze and crashed and can’t see or display old email in html
but how to fix problem ?

Try the Repair procedure. Click right mouse button on your main e-mail folder (for Gmail this is “All Mail”) -> Properties -> Repair.

i use pop3 i try it not have