Bad usability when creating calendar event in write-protected calendar

Hello, Pro license user here. I just lost a lot of work (highly annoying) because of a horrible UX flow in eM Client.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new event in a calendar - make sure a write-protected calendar (e.g. ical calendar) is selected (by mistake, obviously, e.g. because that write-protected calendar was the last one you selected to show/hide in the calendar view, prior to creating a new event)
  2. Click “Save & close”
  3. eM Client shows an error message: “Unable to save the item, because the account is read-only”
  4. Click “OK”
  5. eM Client shows another error message: “The item has been removed from the calendar. The form will be closed and all current changes will be lost”.

Did you hire anti-UX experts to design this flow? ;( Why on earth would you tell the user “hey, we will throw away your data, nothing you can do about it”? Please don’t show the second error message, but leave the event dialog open, so that the user can then select a writable calendar…