Bad update experience

On starting my PC this morning I got the notification to download and install the latest update. I did this. But when I then opened EM Client everything had been wiped out - all of my settings, email accounts, templates and signatures had been removed. I ended up with the software as it was on my very first download. Should it do that? If so then I won’t be downloading or installing any future updates.

no - my update went without any problem. i was running the rc version before. i have a license for 7. do you have one as well?

Hello Ken,
updates will not remove your settings.
It sounds like you upgraded to the new Version 7 of eM Client but didn’t migrate your version 6 database.
Can you go to Tools>Settings>General>Storage and tell me what folder your database is stored in?


It says:
C:\Users\Ken\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Hello Ken,
did you previously use any of the Alpha or BETA versions of eM Client 7?
Have you made any backups of your previous database?


I only installed on Wednesday and got two email accounts set up and created my signatures and templates. Then this morning the pop up appeared telling me about the update so I just clicked it. I didn’t see any options. It just did a download and then I clicked install. When it opened it looked like it did after my first installation - empty of anything.

Facing the same issue, only that I’ve been running a version 6.0.24928.0 before, as a demo … and before actually buying, a hassle-free upgrade experience is essential :slight_smile:

So, what are your suggestions?

this is indeed a very strange issue and seems to have influenced only users who did not have a registered license, none of our FREE or PRO license users reported this issue.
Please contact me at with a link to this topic, and we’ll look into your issue more in depth.
Thank you for your cooperation.


I have just had the same issue. Accepted the Download and Update. I had a Free License installed and Activated for weeks before the upgrade.

When the install completed it asked me whether I wanted to “Import” from eMClient v6, which I accepted, and then it gave me an error message that says - The category “” already exists. Import failed.

Surely an “upgrade” to a previous version shouldn’t be treated as a completely new install. The software should automatically know that a previous version was already installed and upgrade.

Now I have basically lost everything, and some of those messages I need to get access to. Terrible upgrade experience.

I have also tried to use the File - Import and selected V6, and get the same error.

Hello Andrew,
the program realized that you have a v6 installed, that is why it offers you a migration of your database.
Thank you for sharing information about an error during the migration.
Please contact me at with a link to this forum topic and we’ll have a closer look at your database.


I also received the update notice this morning.  I was confused because it did not announce that this is a major version upgrade. THAT IS A FAIL.  The user needs to evaluate this in all cases.  Fortunately, the import proceeded smoothly and Version 7 is up and running.

The upgrade should have been preceded by an email announcement with a summary of the differences between 6 & 7, and an option not to take the upgrade right away. 

I also installed the program this week, but when I upgraded today I can no longer see any local folders that I created. I have tried restoring from backups (2 different ones) but to no avail

Hello Derek,
have you tried migrating your database?
You can also use the File>Import>Import from Version 6 option to import any missing data from your previous database.


Hello Dave,
the new features are mentioned in the Upgrade’s changelog when it’s offered to you. So the basic information is there when you install.
As for closer information, we informed our community about all the changes mostly on our website, facebook and even here on the forum in few cases.
We feel this is a better solution than spamming all our users with unasked messages. I’ll forward this to our team for consideration for future upgrades though.


Hi Olivia.  The change log doesn’t appear until the release is installed, doesn’t it? Sorry, I am not on facebook–looks like the joke’s on me.  I would not regard as spam a new version announcement from you.  No problem there.