Bad "To" address

Sometimes, the “To” address shown in the message page topmost part for the very same sender shows “[email protected].,
[email protected].” and sometimes “[email protected].” instead of the actual sender’s address. It doesn’t happen always, though. Why? In my other email software this doesn’t happen. Why?

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I already posted this question and thought it deserved a prompt reply: Why “[email protected]., [email protected].” and sometimes “[email protected].” appear on the topmost part of the message window instead of the actual sender’s address? This prevents me from setting a rule for such addresses. This doesn’t happen with my other email clients.

Hello Mario,

Based on the data you sent us (the exported .eml message), there is a problem with encoding of the recipient’s address. The r@… is what your IMAP server displays because of this issue with encoding. eM Client relies on the server for displaying these things so there is unfortunately not any workaround. Some mail clients perhaps aren’t following the encoding standards so strictly which is why they would be able to display the recipient’s address.


Thank you. This problem occurs with a bunch of Japanese email addresses, fortunately very few to bother too much, although this may happen again with new customers and, in any case, my other email clients at least show the address correctly except for the person or company’s name embedded in it.