Bad email address stops emclient from working

Happened a few times over the last year and today is happening again (with version 8):

  1. I composed an email but got the address slightly wrong.
  2. Click send and get the error “at least one recipient isn’t valid…”.

This totally stops emclient from sending or receiving mails. It was working fine this morning until I used a bad address (I put a . after .com).

  1. If I compose a new email and send it all I get is the error popping up about the “bad” email address.
  2. If I send mails to myself from elsewhere they are not received in emclient, I click Refresh in emclient which brings up the error again.
  3. I close emclient it says “you have 4 emails in your outbox” (I don’t my Outbox is empty).

My email is a microsoft live account and if I log onto that online I can send and receive OK. If I send an email to my self from there it appears, but doesn’t appear when I go back to emclient (as it is not sending or recieving).

This exact problem has happened before and each time I have had to uninstall and reinstall.

Surely there is a way to “kill” the bad email that is apparently blocking everything?

Seriously? No one else has this problem?!! It seems so obvious what the cause is. It always causes the same problem and has been happening for many months.

I have been using emclient for about five years and this has only been happening in the last year,