Bad Bugs - big data loss

I fixed the rules to move ~1,900 emails from my inbox to the right folders. I’d imported them from from a PST file, as I had with the already received and sorted emails. They were all erased.

I don’t think I have compies for most of it.

The story is a little longer than that. The import was fine, and I was receiving mail, but had to spend days learning how to get the rules to apply to the intended folders and the needlessly laborious task of updating the rules over and over to refer to the right folders. [[An explanation of how to do that and a way to sort rules as in a database is urgently needed.]]

Once I got the rules to reference the right folders and ran them on my backlog of about 2,000 inbox emails … but after the rules emptied the inbox they emptied my other folders full of emails too. What the heck is going on???